Wedding Hair Stylist

This professional hair stylist has specialized knowledge of styling hair for weddings. They will generally work with the bride but can also do the hairstyles for the other members of her wedding party. Wedding hairstyles is usually a more in-depth, longer process that your basic styling so it may require several practice sessions. When you work as a wedding hair stylist, you may work at a salon or have your own business. Although they specialize in doing hair for weddings, they may also style hair. Some will also offer other services like manicures and makeup applications.

The first step in hiring a wedding hair stylist is having a consultation between the bride, her mother, and the stylist before the wedding. If she were doing the wedding party, then they would be included. How far in advance you should consult with the hairstylist would depend on how much in demand they are and how many practice sessions they want have. The stylist may request that the bride bring a picture of her wedding dress along with anything that she might wear on her head, which can include decorative hair adornments, veil, or headpiece. Generally the hair stylist may give suggestions or ask the bride if she as any ideas of the style she would like.

To determine which hairstyle would be the most flattering for the bride, the stylist will examine various factors such as:

• The age of the bride
• Her face shape
• Hair texture
• Any blemishes or scars the bride might want to hide
• The time of the day when the wedding will be held to see how formal the hair style will need to be

The wedding hair stylist will offer their personalized suggestions and then demonstrate the ones that the bride likes. The stylist will also take pictures of each style so the bride can see how they will look in her wedding pictures. If the hairstyle that is chosen is complex or takes time to do then the stylist may make notes of how long so they can make sure that they allot enough time on the wedding day.

When the wedding day arrives, the bride may go to the salon or the hair stylist may meet the bride at a specified location. The main job of the wedding hair stylist is to make sure that the style will last during the whole event, including the reception and picture taking. They have the knowledge as to the different methods to make a hairstyle last like using specialized hair products. If the bride is wearing a head adornment like a veil, the stylist will help to position it so that it does not interfere with the hairstyle.

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