Some Tips to Know Before Getting Married

Are you getting married? If the answer is affirmative, remember that you can get married before a notary. If this is how you want to say “yes, I want” to the love of your life, take note of all the requirements that both of you will need to be husband and wife.

More essential than the tests of wedding dresses, choosing the perfect suit for him or the original ideas of weddings for your wedding or even more critical than the sending of your wedding invitations, will be that both of you have clear who can marry you. Therefore, bear in mind the following: since July 2015 notaries can also celebrate civil marriages.

What advantages does it have?

The couples, who want to marry civilly, now have an option that did not exist until a couple of years ago: marry before a notary. It is faster and, in some municipalities, cheaper. Some courts are giving dates to celebrate marriages six months in advance, without the possibility of doing so before. The same goes for religious weddings. Instead, notaries are much more agile. Besides, you will enjoy a more intimate ceremony, and the notary can advise you on topics of interest (marriage agreements).With the Notary for civil marriage, you can have the best deal now. If you live in a French speaking city, you can search for a “mariage civil” term and find a notary close to your location.

Can any notary marry me?

Remember that the notary must be competent to act in the place of the wedding celebration. In other words, if you live in one end, you cannot get married by a notary of the other place. It has to be from your municipality.

What does the notary manage and what does not?

As in any other civil wedding, to get married before a notary you have to prepare the “matrimonial file.” In these moments, the only competition that the notaries have is that of the marriage celebration. The matrimonial file must continue processing the Civil Registry.

What will our wedding be like?

It will consist of a short ceremony with the signing of a marriage deed, in which the witnesses of legal age must sign. The notary will read articles 66, 67 and 68 and will ask the contracting parties if they consent to marry the other and if they contract it in said act and, answering both affirmatively, will declare that they are united in marriage. The writing will reflect the date and place of the marriage celebration.  Before holding the ceremony asks the notary if you can listen to any music for civil weddings that serves as an introduction to the tradition.

Can you celebrate the link outside the notary?

Yes, but with reservations.  The notary has no obligation to travel outside the notary to celebrate the marriage, except in case of illness or disability, but it may be agreed to celebrate the wedding elsewhere. The advantage of celebrating the wedding outside the notary is that you can customize the ceremony and put into practice all those fun ideas for the wedding, but bear in mind that the part that corresponds to the reading of the notary cannot be modified. Besides, your fees may be higher when traveling and working outside of hours. Get married outside or inside the notary; you can always wear that vintage wedding dress that you like so much. Once the ceremony is celebrated, it will be the own notary who registers the marriage, will deliver a copy to each contracting party and will send a third to the Civil Registry.

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