Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

It is difficult to choose an appropriate hair style for weddings. At this important event, everyone wants to look as good as possible, including you. Even if the marriage is not for your own, but for your brother or sister, you still have to pay attention to your appearance. Marriage is a wonderful opportunity where everyone wants to be seen as the best, especially for women. So, wedding hair style is very important to be included in your agenda.

When you choose a proper hair style to attend a wedding party, you also have to consider your face shape. You need to customize the facial characteristics and style your hair so you will look beautiful. Do not ever choose the wedding hairstyles without considering your face shape. Square-shaped faces will look good with wavy hair style because it will make your face look more feminine. Oval-shaped face is compatible with all types of haircuts. So if you have an oval face shape, you are very lucky.

If you have short hair, you can form a short hair with a hair style you want and then add the hair spray to give the final touch on the hair. Your hair will look fresher and younger. You can also add a few accessories on your short hair to give more feminine touch.

As conclusion, if you want to style your hair to look perfect at weddings, you need to see where the wedding will be held, the clothes you wear, and last but not least, is the shape of your face. You should choose wedding hairstyles that will give a positive aura that makes you look more luxurious.

Wedding Hair Accessories – For Complete Wedding Look

When doing your hair for the wedding, make sure that you have the best hair accessories. You really wouldn’t love it if your wedding pins are lost and your hair flying away. The wedding hairdo is not only for the wedding ceremony but also for the reception party which follows. You would want your hair to remain in place and this is the time when these small yet useful accessories are found to be helpful. The wedding hair pins are made from a variety of materials and are available in different shapes and styles.

The wedding hairpin is an important accessory that makes your tresses look innovative. The wedding pins have add-ons like beads, glass and even small stones. The ideal wedding hairpin would be one with floral patterns on them. This will make you look elegant and serene.

Women have been using hairpins since long. Archaeological excavations have found them with jewelry. This indicates how important they have been then and are still. The wedding pins are studded with expensive genuine stones like emerald, rubies and even diamonds. Every jewelry store has a wide range of designs at cheap, reasonable and expensive prices. Very much care and attention goes into designing every single specific piece which makes them so absolutely desirable. Thus, they help you flaunt your hair on the important day of your life.

You need to pay ample amount of attention when you settle for your wedding pins. When choosing wedding hair pins, you need to take care of several factors enlisted below:

You need to settle the theme of your wedding, since this is very important when choosing hair pins. Say you have wedding with garden themes, then you can opt to wear flower pins or butterfly pins. So you can see how you can even make your look coordinate with the wedding theme.

Now before you decide on your wedding hair pins you should always go through various magazines, newspapers and also the various websites. They have excellent bridal makeup ideas and suggestions. They provide some very useful information and facts about the ideal wedding hair accessories.

Now when you are you do your hair, remember never to put an excess number of pins. This might just ruin your final show. As far as wedding hair pins are concerned, always use the minimum number of pins. They make your hair set well and remain in place for quite a long time.

And finally you need to decide on your wedding dress before you set forth to buy your wedding hair pins. To have the perfect pins you need to coordinate your dress well you’re your hair.

You can do an innumerable wedding hairdo with the pins. They can be of any size but should not cause discomfort. You can choose a flow down hair

14 Tips to Prepare a Great Wedding Hair Style

What style do you want to go for? Should your hair be curled, straight, have an up-do, any wedding hairstyle accessories? What style will look best with the shape of your face? What wedding hair style will look great with the dress you have chosen?

Your best approach will be to start considering these things well in advance of the wedding date.You will also want to start visiting hair salons as soon as you are done choosing your wedding dress. Another common problem associated with wedding hairstyles can be related to finding a great hair salon and stylist.

Here are my tips to prepare a great wedding hair style and choose your stylist.

    1. Budget. Decide how your wedding hairstyle expense will fit in your total wedding budget and stick to that amount when looking for a stylist.
    2. Dress. Take a picture of your wedding dress with you when you visit salons. If possible, have someone take a picture of you while you are trying the dress on to give the stylist a better idea of how you actually look wearing the dress.
    1. Change of dress or hair accessories. Recently many brides are wearing 2 dresses; one for the wedding and then another as an evening gown. Be sure to let your stylist know so she may be able to be of assistance where needed to make any adjustments necessary. This includes hair accessory changes that might be made for transitioning to the evening wedding party. Your stylist can help with removal of any hair accessories or a veil.
    1. Salon search. Google search for salons that specialize in wedding hair that are local to you. Ask them if they have a stylist who specializes in wedding hair. Ask for price ranges, availability, level of experience, and samples.
    1. Consider your own hair texture. Do you have curly hair? Oily hair? Fine hair? Does the stylist you are considering seem to take this into account? If not, why? These may be red-flags to prompt you to continue your search for a good stylist.
    1. Weather. Take into account the time of year as well as the weather and how hair individually responds to climate circumstances; particularly moisture. On raising the actual probability with regard to frizz, look at using a good anti-frizz serum in order to moist locks. This in particular should really help to control frizz
    1. Setting. Where will you have your wedding? Outside? Ballroom? You’ll want your look to flow nicely with the settings of your wedding. For a Hall or ballroom, consider up-do’s, buns, and a more formal hairstyle. For a casual setting such as a backyard, a beach, consider a look that is slightly less formal in appearance.
    1. Wedding hairstyle accessories. There are many to choose from. Wedding hair accessories are very elegant, expensive looking, and very well-made. The many wedding hair accessories that you can choose from include a sophisticated tiara, hair flowers, rhinestone hair pieces, and many more. An accessory can round out that perfect look you are after!
    1. Bring any veil or wedding hair accessory. Be sure to show them to your stylist of choice before the day of the wedding so they have a good idea of what they will be working with and together you can discuss what styles work best with your veil or accessory. If you don’t have it purchased yet but plan to wear one then simply buy something similar from the store.
    1. Veil Removal. If you do plan to wear a veil then ask your stylist for suggestions on veil removal depending on what kind of veil you are using. One suggestion is to consider a veil that is not sewn to the main head-piece or tiara but can be easily attached or removed with velcro which is also known as hook-and-loop.
    1. Photographer. Ask the salon owner if their photographer is allowed in the salon to take pictures of the bride and bridemaids getting their hair done. Most often this should not be a problem but you want to be sure so that things can go smoothly on your special day!
    1. Food and Snacks. Ask the salon owner if you are allowed to bring any snacks or drinks for yourself and any bridemaids. At times, the owner may even be happy to provide light snacks and drinks themselves, and especially if they know ahead of time.
    1. Try before making a final choice. Discuss with your stylist on trying your wedding hairstyle choice before the day of your actual wedding so you can truly determine whether this style will work well for you or not. You most likely will love the way it turns out and decide to stick with that choice but you may find that it might look a bit off, needs some tweaking, or you may need to pick an entirely different style if it just doesn’t give you the right look. Give yourself 6 months of searching and trying before making that final choice.
  1. Listen to your instincts. You may find you are uncomfortable with a certain stylist or not as thrilled with an accessory as you first thought. You may have more than one style that you love and need time to decide. Make sure you are as satisfied as possible with your stylist and your choice of wedding hair style for that special day simply because you deserve it on such an important occasion!

You will want your wedding hairstyle to look great with your gown, your settings, and most of all it should be a hairstyle that gives you confidence, a happy glow, and fits you the most.

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Wedding Hair Stylist

This professional hair stylist has specialized knowledge of styling hair for weddings. They will generally work with the bride but can also do the hairstyles for the other members of her wedding party. Wedding hairstyles is usually a more in-depth, longer process that your basic styling so it may require several practice sessions. When you work as a wedding hair stylist, you may work at a salon or have your own business. Although they specialize in doing hair for weddings, they may also style hair. Some will also offer other services like manicures and makeup applications.

The first step in hiring a wedding hair stylist is having a consultation between the bride, her mother, and the stylist before the wedding. If she were doing the wedding party, then they would be included. How far in advance you should consult with the hairstylist would depend on how much in demand they are and how many practice sessions they want have. The stylist may request that the bride bring a picture of her wedding dress along with anything that she might wear on her head, which can include decorative hair adornments, veil, or headpiece. Generally the hair stylist may give suggestions or ask the bride if she as any ideas of the style she would like.

To determine which hairstyle would be the most flattering for the bride, the stylist will examine various factors such as:

• The age of the bride
• Her face shape
• Hair texture
• Any blemishes or scars the bride might want to hide
• The time of the day when the wedding will be held to see how formal the hair style will need to be

The wedding hair stylist will offer their personalized suggestions and then demonstrate the ones that the bride likes. The stylist will also take pictures of each style so the bride can see how they will look in her wedding pictures. If the hairstyle that is chosen is complex or takes time to do then the stylist may make notes of how long so they can make sure that they allot enough time on the wedding day.

When the wedding day arrives, the bride may go to the salon or the hair stylist may meet the bride at a specified location. The main job of the wedding hair stylist is to make sure that the style will last during the whole event, including the reception and picture taking. They have the knowledge as to the different methods to make a hairstyle last like using specialized hair products. If the bride is wearing a head adornment like a veil, the stylist will help to position it so that it does not interfere with the hairstyle.

Wedding Hair Ideas – How to Choose the Right Bridal Hairstyle, Veil and Headpiece

You’ve chosen a wedding dress. Now for the difficult part: finding a hairstyle that matches! The following guide will help you narrow down the bridal haircut and hairpiece that makes you feel the most happy and comfortable.

Choosing a Hairstyle: The Basics

Take into account what type of wedding you are having. Will it be mainly indoors or outdoors? Formal or casual. Consider the time of the year – will it be it warm or cool?

When choosing a hairstyle, you should never be pressured into wearing something you won’t feel completely happy and comfortable with. However, it’s always worth being a little adventurous when experimenting for the perfect style. An alternative “modern bride” approach could suit your personality just as well as the traditional romantic look.

Deciding on Hair Length

Be realistic about the amount of time you have before your wedding – especially if you choose to grow your hair longer. Start thinking about your hairstyle soon after you have set the wedding date. This should give you time to grow your hair or experiment with a shorter look. Also give yourself time to try out new hair colors that may enhance your wedding hairstyle.

Finding a Hairdresser

Look for a hairdresser or stylist you feel comfortable with. If you have special events to attend before your own wedding, use this opportunity to have a “trial run”. Give them as much information as you can about your dress, tiara and veil, bring along any photos of hair styles and colors that you would like to try.

If you choose to style your own hair, keep it simple and elegant, such as having it down, blow dried and pulled back with some fancy clips.

Choosing a Hair Piece or Tiara

If you want more than a veil, or plan to remove the veil at the reception, consider giving hairstyle an extra special feature or two.

The hairpiece you choose must flatter not only your hairstyle, but also your size, build and – most importantly – personality. The range to choose from is huge, from veils and hats to flowers, jeweled pins, crows and caps. Give yourself time to explore every option.

The hair piece must be proportioned correctly to your height. It is also worth taking the groom‘s height into consideration.

The hair piece or tiara you choose should compliment your face, gown and hairstyle. Try on various options, taking particular note of the thickness and texture of your hair. Move about and act naturally with the hair piece on (together with your wedding dress, if possible).

Notice how each of these makes your face look. Some will bring out the sparkle and shine in your eyes; others will accentuate parts of your face that you may not be to happy about. Reject the styles which are not flattering to you; shortlist those that compliment your most beautiful features.

Finding a Hair Dress that Matches

The hair dress should be light in weight and appearance. Make sure it doesn’t overpower the wedding dress. If it looks overdone, try a smaller size or reduce the trimmings.

The hair dress should not make you look to short, tall, fat or too thin. For instance, a short or petite bride should not wear a huge picture hat, or anything that could make her look out of proportion.

Symmetrical or Asymmetrical?

Your personality should also reflect in the choice of your headdress. These can be symmetrical (both sides exactly the same) to emphasise traditional beauty, or asymmetrical (more detail on one side and less on the other) for a creative spark.

The asymmetrical design can draw attention to your face and hairstyle. The ideal it should look like it has been designed to be part of your wedding dress. Its color and texture should match the wedding dress. When you have chosen the prefect hair piece, take it along with you to the hairdresser so that you can find the perfect hairstyle.