Designer Engagement Ring – Dazzle Your Love Life

Love is precious. Love is sweet. And love is unique too. We all want our love to be unique. This is the reason why people often opt for designer engagement ring when one has to gift something special to his/her sweetheart. Designer engagement ring has become immensely popular because of the uniqueness factor. The market of designer engagement ring is vast, and it offers unique yet amazing design and styles for your special someone. Dazzle your love life with a diamond engagement ring created by you as it will truly express your feelings.

Designer engagement ring can give you and your would-be-bride a reason to smile. Unique rings are in vogue. There are many benefits attached with getting your ring designed. The first and the foremost benefit is that you can gift your lover something in a manner, which displays your love. When you get your ring designed, you can choose the stone as well as the band of your choice. This way you can form a very attractive and interesting design.

It is actually fun to add your creative acumen to make an engagement ring. You can tell the designer about what you actually want to see in your diamond ring. After all, you gift engagement ring only once in life. And sometimes these engagement rings become a valuable family rings and passes from one generation to the other.

To design a magnificent diamond engagement ring, one can visit many online jewelry stores. They allow you to create your own diamond engagement ring by just following simple steps. Customers have the option to choose any certified diamond and can get it studded on a platinum ring or gold ring. Let it be diamond engagement ring, platinum engagement ring or emerald engagement ring, you can give your personal touch to all of these rings.

But before buying designer engagement rings, one should keep in mind the budget limitations. Sometimes, these rings prove to be very expensive. Therefore always keep in mind the affordability part before buying the ring.

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To end with, it can be said that engagement rings can be made by just following easy steps. Mesmerize your beloved and the world with a ring ideated and designed by you. Use your unique talent to say ‘I Love you’ to your special someone.

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The Top Reasons for Engagement Photography

Many people are deciding to invest in an engagement photographer. While it is very common to hire a wedding photographer to record the events of a wedding day, it seems that more individuals also interested in capturing the entire engagement experience. Getting married is not a one day event. A lot of preparation goes into preparing for this one very special day. Because of this, many individuals want to capture the entire experience from the day of the proposal to the day of the wedding. There are various reasons why individuals choose to obtain an engagement photographer. Some of the main reasons people obtain the services of engagement photographers include establishing a relationship with a professional photographer, creating pictures for engagement and wedding related information and to practice taking pictures for the wedding day.

One of the main reasons for engagement photography is to establish a relationship with a professional photographer. An engagement allows individuals to prepare themselves for their wedding. This is done in a variety of ways that includes the preparation for taking pictures. When a couple decides to hire an engagement photographer, they get the opportunity to search for individuals that have a certain amount of expertise in taking photographs for special occasions. Oftentimes, the process of selecting an engagement photographer involves comparing and contrasting the services of many different photographers in the local area. Likewise, many couples decide to interview engagement photographers in order to get a full understanding of the type of pictures they want and the variety of services that a professional photographer can offer them with their engagement. The relationship with a professional engagement photographer often leads to the engagement photographer becoming the official wedding photographer.

Thus, obtaining engagement photography services is in many ways a way to test the waters for a reliable, professional photographer that could possibly handle the wedding photography as well.

The creation of pictures and other images for engagement related activities is another reason why couples seek engagement photography services. The whole process of becoming married includes taking pictures that officially introduced to single people to the world as a couple. Oftentimes, couples will hire a professional photographer to take pictures of them that are then used in conjunction with engagement publications that are printed in various newspapers or distributed online to inform people about an engagement. Likewise, these very same images are often used for invitations for such activities as engagement parties, bridal showers and any other engagement related event.

In addition, acquiring engagement photography services allows individuals to practice taking photos. Taking professional photographs can be a bit intimidating for some people. Not everyone is comfortable in front of cameras and oftentimes this uneasiness with taking photographs reveals itself in the photographs. When people take engagement and wedding photographs they want to appear a certain way and in order do this the individuals taking the pictures must be comfortable in front of the camera. Using engagement photography services allows individuals to become more comfortable with taking pictures on a regular basis. This makes it easier for people to take pictures in a natural manner.

There are numerous reasons why individuals choose to obtain engagement photography services. Some of the main reasons include developing a relationship with a professional photographer, creating images for engagement and wedding related activities and becoming familiar with taking pictures on a regular basis.

Choosing an Engagement Ring – How to Buy an Engagement Ring

When choosing engagement rings, there are many factors that you should consider. These factors go well beyond budget and may make the difference between choosing engagement rings that your fiance will love and selecting one that she will like. Among these are styles, metal and fit as well as whether or not to design your own engagement ring.

There are many different styles of engagement rings. This fact may make the selection of one seem overwhelming. But you can make this task easier by making note of your future fiance’s style. Some questions to ask yourself are: What types of jewelry does she where? Is it modern or vintage inspired? Is it extravagant, overstated or understated? Does she wear lots of gemstones? If so, does she have a favorite gemstone? Does she wear a lot of custom jewelry? The answers to these questions can help you start to understand her taste in jewelry.

They may also point you in some very obvious directions. For instance, if she really loves vintage jewelry, you would probably be safe selecting from vintage engagement rings. If she loves a certain gemstone, you could select from gemstone engagement rings or design your own engagement ring and incorporate that gemstone in it. You could also use her favorite color to select a gemstone to use.

The metal consideration is more straightforward. Does she wear yellow or white gold or platinum exclusively? Does she wear one metal more than any others? Does she mix metals and wear a lot of jewelry that is both yellow and white gold, etc..? Whatever she wears exclusively or the most of is a good bet to please her. You can find engagement rings or for that matter design your own engagement ring in all of the above in many different styles.

When I mentioned fit as a consideration in selecting engagement rings, I was referring to the appearance of the ring on her finger. Just as there are clothing styles that flatter each shape, there are engagement rings styles to flatter every finger size. Wider bands and longer stones are more flattering on longer fingers. Thinner bands and more symmetrical stones tend to flatter shorter fingers by making them look longer. Small stones and petite bands can look lost on large hands. If you are looking for substantial engagement rings that won’t get lost on your fiance’s finger and your budget doesn’t allow a larger diamond, moissanite or other gemstone engagement rings are options. Another option is choosing an engagement ring setting with lots of melee or pinpoint diamond accents and a modest sized center diamond. The effect is the same but the cost is much lower.

Style, metal and fit are all very important when choosing an engagement ring. Be sure to pick up as many clues as possible from your fiance and be sure to listen to any subtle hints she might give. These hints could come in the form of commenting to you how much she likes other peoples’ engagement rings or, even more important, how much she dislikes them.  If you are still in doubt, you can purchase a diamond and propose with it, allowing her to choose or design her own engagement ring afterward. With some companies, you can also purchase proposal or loaner rings to propose with and receive credit when you purchase or design your own engagement ring.


Engagement Pictures – 9 Handy Hints and Ideas to Get Beautiful Engagement Photos

My last article covered the basics for what an engagement photographer needs to do in order to create beautiful and memorable engagement pictures for a couple. However, for the couple, listen up: there are some hints and ideas that will help you both prepare for the engagement photo session and prep you for the pictures you’ll not only be sending out to friends and family, but keeping in your own albums forever.

1) Research aka “PRE-search”

Because of the dynamic nature of two different coming together and combining their personalities and habits into one super-being, each individual couple as a whole has their own style and “image.” Make sure you brainstorm what yours is, and also what you want it to be. Engagement pictures should reflect your personalities, quirks, and characteristics that make you guys so special together. Think about whether you want the engagement pictures at the park, the location of your first date, a studio engagement shoot, or downtown engagement shots. Write down ideas for locations and the “mood” that you both want your shoot to be. This will help the engagement photographer get better photos of you both!

2) Chill out

Seriously, take this as literally as possible. We have worked with couples in the past that over analyze and “freak out” over their engagement pictures. While engagement photos are absolutely important and vital to your happiness, take a second and r-e-l-a-x. Don’t forget to breathe. This will make the engagement photographer happy and more importantly, your fiance!

3) LOTS of h2o

Before your engagement pictures, drink lots and lots of water! This will help to hydrate your skin and make you look healthier and more alive. Sometimes the wedding planning process can be pretty stressful (okay who am I kidding?? Almost all the time!), so help your body out and hydrate it as much as possible. After all, we are 75% water anyway…

4) Meet the engagement photographer

This is one of the MOST important things you can do! If possible, set up a short meeting in person or over the phone with the engagement photographer to actually talk about your engagement pictures. Give the photographer a feel for your personality and style (which you should know perfectly after hint #1!) and let him or her know what you do want and what you don’t want. The more vocal you are, the more your engagement pictures will look like what you want! Engagement photographers like direction from couples so they aren’t shooting in the dark….well, you know what I mean.

5) Color coordinate

This is usually an area handled by more ladies than men, so remember to color coordinate your clothes! Engagement photos look so much more cohesive when the couple looks like they actually GO together. Another hint: NO khaki or light colors. If you’re planning to wear these colors, make sure you know the location of your shoot. It is difficult to adjust the exposure balance with lighter colored clothes, especially when shooting engagement pictures outside. Another good idea – bring options!

6) Makeup – wear some

This goes out to all my ladies reading this. You may prefer to go au naturale in real life but in engagement pictures, many of which are done outside in the bright sunlight, your beauty just won’t translate into the camera lens. If you don’t know how to do your makeup, have a friend do it for you, or ask the photographer if he or she offers a makeup artist. Wear foundation!! This will help to even out your skin tone and create a better base for the camera to read and flash off of. Use skin highlighters on the inner corners of your eyes, your upper brow bone, and your cheekbones. Google makeup tips online. Just make sure you’re wearing enough to feel comfortable, but maybe a bit more than normal so your engagement pictures will show you looking your best!

7) Put the F-U-N in engagement pictures! (umm…?)

We have seen couples get so nervous when it comes to doing their engagement shoot, so to combat becoming stiff and mummy-like, plan a shoot that is creative and FUN. Plan it where you both first met, where you had your first date, where you shared your first kiss (and make sure you have a picture taken of you doing it again!), walking around your favorite restaurant, anything creative and fun will translate to personality on camera.

8) “Trash the engagement”

So, you’ve heard of “trash the dress,” right? This idea can add a ton of variety to engagement pictures! Head out to where there are fountains or water somewhere. Take pictures in the rain. Do things that otherwise might seem taboo for an engagement photo shoot and add them into yours. Get dirty and messy! Have a food fight. Play in the mud (if you’re brave…). You’ll not only have fun during the engagement shoot, but you’ll LOOK like you’re having fun too.

9) Relax & be social

Just because you have a camera lens shoved in your face doesn’t mean you should forget your social manners. R-e-l-a-x and make sure you both interact with each other more than anything. Engagement photographers know what they’re doing, so don’t worry about them. You guys act like you’re in love (well, you are, right?) and let the photographer worry about the rest. The point of engagement pictures is to portray your sappy sweet mushy gushy love for each other before your big day arrives. So let your inner cuddle bug loose!

These are just a few ideas to help you prepare for your engagement pictures and also to ensure you have a successful and positive engagement shoot. Your engagement is the preview before your wedding, so make it exciting and interesting! Show everyone how in love you really are.

Differences Between a Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

Bands have figured prominently in betrothal and marriages since prehistoric times. In fact, it would be hard to carry on an engagement and wedding without the presence of bands. Due to their long history, the use and functions of wedding ring and engagement ring are often intermingled with each other. But, it should be taken into account that though these jewelry pieces are commonly seen among married women, they profoundly differ from each other in many aspects.

In order to identify the differences of wedding ring and engagement ring, let’s take a closer look at their individual functions. To simply put it, an engagement ring is given by the man to the woman prior to their marriage in order to signify that they are bound to be married. On the other hand, wedding bands are the jewelry pieces exchanged and worn by the couple during their wedding day to seal their marital vows. Right after the wedding and for the years that would follow their marriage, the wedding and engagement bands are worn by the wife, while the man only wears the wedding ring since men does not necessarily need to wear an engagement ring.

Between wedding and engagement bands, many couples prefer investing on engagement bands. In fact, an engagement ring is more attention-grabbing than a wedding ring because it is somehow a silent announcement of the soon-to-be married status of couples. Traditionally, engagement bands have protruding center stones usually made from fine diamond jewelry. At the moment however, couples need not to buy engagement bands that are accentuated with diamond stones, rather as a less expensive option they could use other precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, opal, etc., as the center stone of the engagement ring.

Meanwhile, wedding ring is often plain in design and finish, or at times is designed as the simpler version of the engagement ring. However, there are also couples that make use of fine diamond jewelry for their wedding bands, though this rarely happens as the plain design of such ring symbolizes the sanctity of marriage. Traditionally, both wedding and engagement bands are worn on the left finger between the index and pinkie fingers because according to belief the said finger on the left hand has the vein that is directly connected to the heart which is called as vena amori. Though there are some cultures that place their wedding and engagement bands on the ring finger on the right hand.

Wedding and engagement bands are usually purchased separately from each other. They could also be purchased as a set; hence, some wedding bands are as intricately designed as the engagement bands they come with. If you would be purchasing these bands separately, always try to consider that you would be using them on a daily basis, so when you are to pick each piece select the shape of the gemstone that would complement your lifestyle. Diamond may be hard, but it is most likely to chip off or break especially if its edges are pointed; it would be more appropriate to pick bands that have round brilliant cut stones embedded in them as they are more likely to last longer.

In general, wedding ring and engagement ring are two important jewelry pieces that symbolizes two of the most important stages in the relationship of couples””engagement and marriage. They indeed have distinct qualities that sets them apart from each other. Setting aside their differences though, what is apparent is that they share the same concept of undying love and commitment, apparently shown from their round shape that has no beginning and no end as well as the materials used to develop them. They also function as material seals that strengthen their vows and the symbolic meaning and sentimentality of the couple’s devotion for each other.